In these sessions, which last between 60 and 90 minutes, I will coach you one-on-one to achieve any personal or professional goal you set your mind to. Both the number and frequency of sessions depend on what you consider necessary, and they may be in-person or via Skype.

Together we will explore your current place of being, and where you’d like to be. We will identify the obstacles in your way, and the real alternatives you can generate to overcome them successfully.

You can set any kind of goal: effective time management, restoring personal confidence, improving your relationships, taking important decisions, finding your true vocation, setting new routines, changing jobs, carrying out a personal project …

As a specialized service, I work with CEOs and other HIGH-LEVEL EXECUTIVES IN ORGANIZATIONS, whom I coach to improve any decision-making departments in their companies or business sector.

If you're a manager, with this service you will achieve excellence in leadership skills, emotional management and team motivation. These skills will make your organization more responsible, sustainable and human, resulting in more profit, production, and value.

With this system, I provide coaching for groups or teams to achieve common goals, building excitement and enthusiasm in all the participants. By coordinating the group as a unit, I create a harmonious atmosphere, provoking points of improvement for each member to take responsibility. Whether it’s single-discipline organizations or diverse groups, I coach communication among its members, innovative action system implementation and personal motivation.

In these cases, coaching provides the most valuable element: group know-how to create the ideal way to work together. In addition, through dynamic and practical exercises, participants enhance their skills and expand their resources, integrating what they learn experientially and permanently.

The target, duration and frequency of group coaching sessions depends on what you, as a customer, think necessary for your team.

When speaking at conferences, I aim to inspire people to lead their lives aware of what they have and who they are, encouraging them to develop into their best selves. I connect with the audience, creating genuine expectation as I introduce new concepts and impactful experiences.

I speak full of energy, focusing my attention on those who want to hear a motivational perspective of reality, to boost their lives personally or professionally.

My conference topics are flexible and adaptable, including personal influence, change management, success attitude and human development.