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I was sceptical about coaching because coaches appeared suddenly around me from nothing. People who could not manage their teams, they are coaches now. All these doubts have changed since I have been coached by Israel.

The way he showed me the method drew me in, I think because of the human worth and serenity I felt when I talked to him. In fact, at the very first session I experienced a trip to the inner part of myself, focusing on what I wanted to be. With 'apparently' simple questions, he helped me concentrate on things I have wanted to do for a long time.

Also, he was very useful for helping me resolve the issues I didn’t know were inside me. I recommend any person who wants to get his own best version of himself to start meetings with Israel. Since being coached by him, I feel I’m moving forward quickly every day.


Financial Director
at TallerBox

I wanted one of my employees to improve his work in my company and I decided to hire coaching sessions for her and check its efficiency. The result was immediate. I was surprised because my employee started to take the lead and she made some proposals to offer a better quality service to my clients. I noticed it was such a fast and effective change that I also wanted to try it myself. I asked Israel to meet me with specific coaching sessions adapted to my responsibility.

I needed to make an important organizational decision, but I had to overcome all the fears and doubts which were coming to me. He helped me see it clearly. I removed the cover over my eyes and my tension stopped immediately. I was very happy with the decision I made, due to the effective analysis. I considered all the options with a very high range of realism. I never thought I would have my own coach, but Israel transmits a positive insight and spreads his self-confidence.


Fitness Trainer

Israel is one of those who understands the peace and serenity you need from the very first moment. Listening to him is listening to yourself. He understood how to guide me to find my own journey and to keep following it. He is an extraordinary person who empathized with me from the beginning.

In the coaching, I recovered self-confidence. I learned to not limit my life, doing whatever I am able to. What mainly helped me was knowing what really makes me happy, without caring so much about people’s opinions. This is the only way I will achieve my dreams.

I also learned how to calm down, and evaluate any situation before losing my temper, looking for solutions beforehand. I value much more what I have, and what is more important, I value myself and what I want over all—to be happy. This is my major victory.

I am going to be Super Happy, I know.


Professional Coach

I attended several of Israel Ponce's conferences. At the last one, there were so many people that organizers had to change the room to be able to provide seats to all of them. It does not surprise me, because the way he relays his knowledge is very clear and accurate, and people are interested in listening to him more and more.

I was at one of his workshops called 'Positive Personal Attitude' and I recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about themselves and to develop in a different way. I was charmed with the method he used at the workshop because we practiced integrating all the material.

In addition, that day I had fun because of the dynamism and energy he works with. I shared very interesting things with my coworkers. It is a worthwhile experience.

Thank you for sharing your professionalism with us.


Industrial Engineer

My initial prejudices didn’t stop me from making the decision to be coached. Maybe it was my curiosity to learn some personal or professional improvement techniques. Lately, my main worry is my work situation. My high level of responsibility, making important decisions, and the general poor economic situation was generating this stress and uncertainty in my company day by day.

My fears disappeared quickly at first meeting. We focused the whole sessions on looking for routes of improvement for my company situation. Israel bases his work on his kindness and confidence in a natural way. There are no uncomfortable sensations or exploring paths you don’t want to.

In my case, it was really positive to rely on this outer, prejudice-free vision to analyze several issues getting the better of my work. I knew these issues, but it really helps organizing their advantages and disadvantages. Also it was so useful for me considering the possible consequences of every decision without any kind of influence.

I committed to my plan of action and we both are checking the results. I definitely recommend the experience.


Product Manager

I was overthinking my job and I decided to give coaching a chance. Israel helped me to think about the possible solutions instead of focusing on my problems, and how to face my issues. We often have the answer, but sometimes we need someone like him to lead us to action. Due to fear or whatever, we don’t usually do it.

I discovered a technique to manage those moments of doubt when every salesman faces strangers. I am aware the thoughts are created by me and it makes no sense to think people are judging me. I trusted him since the first minute, so I also began to be interested in his conferences. After that, I attended one of his workshops and very much enjoyed his way of sharing his experience with dynamic exercises, working as a group and individually.

Israel is one of those people who feels and enjoys everything that they do. He has a natural gift of communicating with people. He lets people relax and sincerely tell him their worries. He is a great coach.


International Member

I was coached by other coaches, but never through Skype. This option was easier for me because of the distance. The process of improvement allowed me to be aware of the value of time and its control. From here, I have adapted my daily personal and professional agenda better and better with simplicity.

It was worth it for me to have a global vision and self-recognition of my professional achievements. Also, I had the chance to attend one of Israel's conferences where I saw his heart is involved in every single thing he says. His personal involvement in human rights is touched with his words, and this magic union with the professional world makes him unique and different. I associate him with happy money, and conscious professional goals.

Due to his capacity for empathy, he has a special natural charisma and I recommend his usage of the coaching essence, which means being asked direct and high quality questions. You can feel his passion and energy from the first second he says hello through Skype.


CEO at Deryon

I began coaching to improve my business management. Daily tasks took me so much time that I could not see any alternative. After several sessions for two months, Israel led me to some solutions to the problems I had.

The biggest difficulty was defining my goals and priorities. I know any kind of business needs to organize and plan new projects, to keep creating. In all this process, my personal coach was a great support. Barely speaking, he was helping me to think, extracting the positive and practical aspect from every single decision I had to make. I took them and I made the proper changes, finding the best options. I chose what I really needed to achieve my goals.

I want to thank him for his effort and the aura of positive energy that always goes with him, and hope other people will have the opportunity to benefit from his work as I did.

Thanks, Israel, for guiding my business with energy.